We open up our toolbox for you to benefit from our expertise in CRM and digital marketing, customer data and artificial intelligence

Email database diagnostic

You may experience reduced performance of your email list, increased churn or slow subscription rates.
We get to the answers.

I want to know everything about my database to engage my contacts

AI & Marketing

We have developed an algorithm to add intelligence to your transactional data. We inspect your data and show you how to effectively act on your marketing strategy.

I want to go further and test the power of the algorithm

Deliverability audit

Are your emails ending up in the spam folder? Do you know how to monitor your online reputation? Discover your score today.

I want to boost my deliverability and get to the inbox.

Marketing automation

Using your data and your tools, learn how to engage your customers by creating and setting up marketing automation scenarios.

I want to automate my marketing to engage my customers

Attribution model

Which campaigns bring you the most qualified leads, engaged contacts or sales? Are you struggling to calculate the ROI of your campaigns, understand the customer journey and attribute conversions to the right channel? We can change that.

I want to measure my campaign attribution and maximize my ROI

Creativity & Design

Template design, emails and mailings redesign, creating designs suitable for advanced customization, we know how to combine technology and creativity.

I want customized creative campaigns

Benchmark competitive emails

We have developed a platform comparing the emails of more than 2500 brands, representing 20 industries. Curious about how these brands communicate in times of crisis or the rest of the year?

I want to explore the Varibox and get some inspiration

CRM maturity audit

You want to establish more personalized communications in real time but you don't know where to start. We have an audit tool to help you get there quickly.

I want to know my CRM maturity level and identify priority actions to implement

Be curious!

We regularly offer the best articles, white papers and graphics related to relational marketing, the customer experience, data and analytics.

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